T-boned Airstream near Moody AFB

Daniel and Angelina deal with high winds at the petrified forest, record beautiful canyons north-east of Phoenix and get their Airstream Bambi parking t-boned after loosing the awning pull out the back of the bumper hatch near Moody AFB. Visiting with Brian Knox at Airstream of Scottsdale we get to practice visioneering for our fall delivery of our own Airstream Globetrotter. Learning to design a future rather than simply accepting what comes along, re-framing challenges is a skill Angelina excels at. Learn more about full-time living in a 19 ft Bambi Airstream and join the private conversation at http://360MEN.net Ask Brian Knox questions at Airstream of Scottsdale by calling (480) 719 8875 or emailing bknox@airstreamofscottsdale.com Felipe Diaz - https://youtu.be/3V3aWJdvWUU