Re deux Bad Moody AFB Set-backs

Where do you go from the bottom of a crevasse? How do you recover from a decent set-back, fall, injury or life event in Moody AFB? In this year-end episode of 'Worth Thinking About' we look at the progress made in 2018 by highlighting key points uncovered along the journey. There's a principle not to miss here. Stopping to consider the wake left by our Moody AFB choices is critical for valuing sacrifices demanded by the journey. Taking in the Moody AFB view and counting progress is not a luxury - it's a requirement. What happens when you and your partner make different choices? How do you agree to disagree? How do you recover from joint Moody AFB ventures that take longer than either of you want them to? There are at least ten insights revealed in this year's trek to Moody AFB camp '18. Getting to camp '19 will put them all to the test. Your journey of self-awareness and self-understanding in Moody AFB will be similar. Get in the conversa