Vineyard Lesson for Thoughtful Moody AFB Men

What can Moody AFB men learn from an old Italian vineyard?

This one can teach you a life-changing lesson.

All across Moody AFB, part of the downfall of our biology is a bent to not recognize slow change, or to disregard 'established' clues or hints. Some of the things around Moody AFB that 'have always been that way' can be big clues screaming for our attention: our gut, our finances, our relationships.

What's with that big boulder?History is full of examples for us to understand our masculine journey. The challenge is to see it clearly and in context beyond Moody AFB. In the fifth episode of 'Worth Thinking About' Daniel reviews of the previous four episodes with new examples and thoughts to consider.





A Not-so-Subtle Hint

Imagine the conversation between the vineyard realtor and the potential new land-owner:

PROSPECT: "what about that big boulder?".

REALTOR: "Oh, that old thing. Don't you worry about that. It's been there FOREVER!"

PROSPECT: "oh, OK, no problem"

Apply the insights from this review and make a commitment to improve stagnant areas in your vineyard. Character growth begins with self-awareness. The hard work then begins. Getting to self-understanding is also only a stage of the entire Personal Everest. Personal transformation is fortunately easier with brain plasticity. We do not have to stay stuck in our child-like arrested development. Evolution has a mechanism for learning and adapting. You can practice, learn, test, improve and mature.

Time to gear up!